Untitled. Maestro 2
Untitled: Polyglot
Lazy Day in Wardsboro
Untitled: With Sphere
Untitled. Tightly, Loosely
O As In Poem
The Center Holds 2
Abstract with Four Corners
Untitled with Leaning Color
Untitled with Hollow Red
Composition with Leaning Red
Untitled with Filagree
Composition for Strings
Confluence 2
Untitled with Yellow Horizontal
Composition with Orange Block
Nice Paint
Untitled: Gathering of Abstract Painters
Taconic 1
Untitled with Remnants
Untitled: Gathering of Paint
Untitled with White Dots
Settled Paint
Untitled with Green Curl
Remnant Series 1
Remnant Series 2
Remnant Series 3
Untitled: Patch
Untitled: Flutter
Untitled: Wrought Iron
Untitled with Wrought Iron 2
Untitled with Wrought Iron 3
Deep Greens
Untitled with Scherzo
Abstract with Ebony and Green
Yellow Run
Untitled with Blue Squiggle
Untitled with Green Bean
Orange Line
Taconic 2
Untitled with Pointillism
Untitled: Canfield 2015
Untitled: Ensemble
Composition with Orb
Untitled: Up
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