Abstract With Teal
Lake Champlain Creation Series 2
Abstract with Leaning Curl
Untitled: Curves and Straights
Untitled: Horizontals
Untitled: Color and Gravity
Untitled: Color & Velocity
Untitled: Equals
Untitled: Still Life
Black Came First
Majolica Garden
Untitled: Trek
Tidd Pond 1
Tidd Pond 2
Composition for Guitar
Untitled: Landscape
Untitled: Peeker
Untitled: Small Symphony
Notations for Left and Right
Full Moon Meadow
Monument to Unknown Mountain Poets
Monument Series (Clarion Night)
Monument to Mountain Song
Spring Runoff
Laurentian Plain
Mountain Spirits
Ocracoke Island 1
Taconic Sundown
Taconic Weather
Ocracoke Island 4
Stone Wall
Abstract on Walnut Base
Taconic Weather 2
Gathering of Poems
Priory Garden
Woodland Voyeur
Lake Champlain Creation Series 1
Compostion with 3 Curves
Untitled: Landscape 2
Battle of Saratoga
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